Five Ways to Make Summer Work Hours More Entertaining

Working in an office when the weather is beautiful and the outdoors is calling you can be a bummer, but you don’t have to miss out on the entire summer season. These five ways to make summer work hours more entertaining will liven up the office and make every day more enjoyable for you and your co-workers.

Unleash Your Interior Decorating Skills

Turn your office or cubicle space into a miniature summer vacation with seasonal colors and decor. A collage frame filled with pictures from previous summer trips creates a little oasis to get lost in whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed. Add a little green with a potted plant or desktop terrarium. Natural light provides the best possible finishing touch by boosting your mood and helping keep you alert all day.

Turn Up Some Sizzling Tunes

Any music that reminds you of summer makes a perfect backdrop for your decorative efforts. Your playlist doesn’t have to be filled with “traditional” summer tunes to be fun. Load up whatever songs put you in a summertime mood and jam away. Collaborate with your co-workers to create the ultimate summer collection that everyone can enjoy.

Pack Up the Tastes of Summer

Leave heavy meals like leftover soup and stew behind. Instead, pack your lunch box with light summer sandwiches and wraps, fruit salad, green salads with fruity accents and anything that you’d serve at a barbecue. Spring rolls and other fun “dipping foods” turn your lunch break into a miniature party. A cold salad made with your favorite cooked grains and coated in creamy avocado dressing is another enjoyable option to lighten up summer meals.

Get Out Outside for Lunch

You can sneak in a little time in the sun if you and your co-workers take your lunches outdoors. Find a relaxing spot to eat together, and use the remainder of the time to enjoy a quick walk. These outings could easily develop into a walking group that meets at lunch every day for a little summertime exercise. You can also maximize your time outside by biking to work whenever possible.

Suggest an Office Event

Talk with your boss about getting everyone together for a fun office gathering like a picnic or barbecue. Depending on the office culture, you might be able to set up a trip to the local park or even the beach. Organizing an office sports team adds some enjoyable exercise time to the mix. Whatever you decide on, make sure that everyone understands the event is a “no work” zone. That means disconnecting from mobile devices, not talking about work and simply having fun.

Turning your workplace into a summertime haven means better morale for everyone. You might not be able to “go outside and play” like you did when you were a kid, but you can have fun while you’re working. You’ll feel more energetic at the end of the day and be able to use your free time to take advantage of the long daylight hours to make summer really count.

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