Design Your Office Space According to These 2015 Trends

After acquiring your new office space rental, courtesy of CEO Business Center, you may be wondering what is the best way to decorate it. Many business owners lean toward a more generic professional looking setting; however, you should set yourself apart from the rest by adding a little style to the space.

At CEO Business Center, we want your office space to be an incorporation of both style and professionalism. As companies evolve in technology and company culture, it’s only natural that the office space follows its example. More modern and sophisticated office settings have been proven to increase productivity and lessen stress levels.

Office Design Trends of 2015

In order for your office space to look its best, we have provided five design trends to keep your office relevant and in style!

  1. The Minimalistic Trend. This trend brings the European style into your office. Minimalism creates a sense of “simple beauty” with few colors, straight lines and versatility.
  2. The On the Move Trend. Due to technological advancements, work can be completed from practically anywhere and on a variety of devices. More and more office spaces are embracing the trend of having more electrical outlets and charging ports in convenient places.
  3. The All-Natural Trend. Natural elements, such as plants and natural light, are great design features to have in your office space. Studies have proven that having a plant on your desk boosts productivity, and the sun’s rays increases performance.
  4. The Outside of the Cubicle Trend. Popularity of using cubicles has declined in recent years. The new office look includes informal shared spaces that feature colorful and modern furniture that can easily be rearranged for many work-related purposes. This will create more opportunity for close-knit collaboration and distraction-free escapes.
  5. The Comfortable Furniture Trend. Desk furniture is now starting to embrace ergonomics and areas for relaxation and collaboration.

These trends of 2015 are sure to create an office space that’s inviting and fosters better communication. Not only that, an attractive office environment will lure the right talent and maximize the amount of time you have to work on successfully developing your business.

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