7 Tips for Social Media Success

As we are now in the digital age, connectivity has increased tremendously, specifically through the use of social media. It has even grown to be a part of our day-to-day business strategy. This online platform gives businesses the ability to increase their visibility, profits and number of customers. We want to ensure that your business gets the most out of this strategy, so we have provided you with these eight tips for social media success.

1. Choose the Right Platform

Maximizing your social media presence means choosing the right platform that best matches what you would like to achieve with your business strategy. Not every platform will be right for your business, so focus on building your presence on one or two to start, instead of having a small presence on each available one.

2. Research Each Platform

Before you start, examine the analytics of each of your existing social media platforms and determine which platforms your customers or potential customers use the most. If you don’t have any existing analytics to refer to, research each platform you are interested in using and determine which one could be right for your business.

3. Set Social Media Goals

Set these goals according to each individual social media platform, and create checkpoints to ensure you are fulfilling these goals. Some common goals for businesses include: increasing brand awareness, driving e-commerce purchases, generating leads, and showcasing company culture.

4. Create a Strategy for Each Platform

Create a strategy for each platform according to your business goals. Strategies can range from promoting brand awareness on Instagram, company events on Facebook, and job-postings and awards on LinkedIn. Typically social media strategies, such as these, are created to increase reach and visibility.

5. Implement Tracking Metrics

Set up analytics for all of your business’ social media accounts, so that you are able to track impressions, traffic, engagement and consumer conversion rates. All of these metrics will help you analyze your audience base and set new goals as you get further into using social media to benefit your business.

6. Generate Key Performance Indicators

To ensure that your social media strategy is working, set some key performance indicators (KPI) to help evaluate the extent of your social media efforts. These KPIs can be based on initial interface or consumer response.

7. Systemize Your Content Approach

Creating compelling and engaging content is the key to social media success. Devise a systemized plan for how, when and what you will post. This will help you maintain organization and consistency across all channels. Also, create an editorial calendar to help you plan out your posts for the month, and create tags or categories so that users can easily search through and recognize the type of content your posting.

No matter which platform(s) you decide to use, ensure that your social media strategy remains relevant to your business. Staying true to your business strategy is the key to making social media work for your business and the first step to social media success.

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