10 Questions to Consider Before Leasing an Office Space

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When deciding to lease office space near Atlanta for your business, there are certain questions you should ask. At CEO Business Centers, we want to ensure that you have all the information you need before you sign with us. We have provided you with 10 questions you should consider before taking this exciting step in investing in your business’s future success.

1. Is there room available for my business to grow?

This decision not only requires you to consider your business’s immediate needs, but its future needs as well. Business growth could translate to greater space requirements in the future. If you cannot afford the extra space right now, we recommend that you negotiate a shorter lease or include language that gives you the first right to negotiate any adjacent space that becomes available.

2. Is the office space situated in the best location for my key employees?

Take into consideration where your key employees reside and if the potential office space is conveniently located near them. Any long or daunting commute that they have to experience trying to get to the office may deter them to search for employment opportunities elsewhere.

3. Is the location of the office space convenient for clients?

You always want a potential office space to be accessible and convenient for your clients. Consider transportation costs and the distance they’ll have to travel in order to meet with you. In the age of video conferencing and Skype, it’s still important to manage face-to-face meetings.

4. Does the office space give off the right impression?

In the business world, a first impression means everything. When deciding on an office space’s location, keep in mind that it will be more than a collection of cubicles, but also an indicator to others of how much money your business is generating.

5. Are there hidden costs that are not being considered?

There can be hidden costs when leasing an office space. In this event, we recommend that you calculate the full cost of the space, including rent, utilities, construction costs, moving expenses and other costs. Also take into consideration the cost of the move and restoration, if any is needed.

6. How is the parking situation?

Whether it be for clients or employees, it’s ideal to know the amount of parking available and if there will be a potential cost to employees and clients. If there is a need to negotiate special employee rates and validating client parking tickets, make sure that it fits your budget.

7. Is the office space compliant with the ADA?

The office you decide to lease should be ADA compliant. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that doors to office suites be at least 32 inches wide and require fewer than five pounds of force to open them. Carpeting in certain areas needs to be secured to the floor with a pile of less than half an inch.

8. Would I consider sharing an office space with another business?

If money is too tight to afford leasing an office space on your own, consider sharing the space with another business (specifically one that complements your own). This could save a large amount of money in both rent and the cost of common areas.

9. What will happen if I sell my business during the course of the lease?

Before you make the decision to sell your business, ensure that the lease is clear about owner responsibility. The majority of leases force the original business and its owners to have liability in the future in case the future tenant doesn’t perform his or her duties.

10. How secure are the lease and rental rate?

To ensure the security of the lease and rental rate, negotiate language into the initial lease that provides you with the option to renew. Though rental rates are typically negotiated at the time of renewal, you can always try to cap any increase at no more than 5 percent in the original contract.

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