A Productive Day Starts with a Morning Routine

Some of the most successful people follow established morning routines created to boost their productivity. A slow start can throw the whole day off, but just a few basic changes to your own routine can transform your approach to work and life. Remember that a productive day starts with a good morning routine.

Get Up and Move

Starting the day with a workout boosts energy levels and releases chemicals in your brain responsible for a sense of control and feelings of well-being. Choosing a designated workout time keeps you accountable and ensures nothing interrupts this crucial part of your routine. You’ll head into the day feeling balanced and energized.

Make Breakfast a Priority

Recover from your workout and fuel your morning with a hearty meal. Balance clean protein, healthy fat and whole carbohydrates to speed exercise recovery and keep blood sugar levels stable. You’ll feel satisfied throughout the morning, making it easier to concentrate and to avoid the temptation to run to the vending machine instead of working.

Set Aside Creative Time

Whether during or after breakfast, give yourself time to do something creative. Write in a journal, draw a picture of something you’d like to accomplish during the day or make lists of ideas for potential projects. Getting your mental juices flowing will help you jump right into your daily tasks when you arrive at work.

Clear the Clutter

If you leave messes around the house in the morning, you’ll spend the whole day thinking about them instead of being productive. Get the dishes out of the sink, make your bed and clear away piles of mail to keep daily clutter under control.

Go to Work with Goals

Morning routines should include making a list of things you want to accomplish for the day. You can use an app, a document stored in the cloud or good old-fashioned paper and pen to chart out your plans. Be specific not only about what you want to do but also how you’ll approach tasks to ensure they get done.

Do the Tough Stuff First

Everyone has jobs they tend to avoid, and getting these out of the way first during your work day gives you no excuse to procrastinate by filling up time with pointless distractions. Use your fresh morning energy to power through hard tasks, and you’ll be surprised how fast the work gets done.

Stick to a Schedule

Even the best intentions for a productive day can get derailed when a project takes up your entire morning. Avoid this problem by setting time limits and moving on from a task when its assigned period is up. A timer or time management app can help you keep track and stay in charge of your schedule.

It takes about three weeks to establish new habits. Make every effort to abide by your new routine until it becomes second nature, and every day will be a more productive day. It won’t be long before you begin to see better performance in every area of your life.

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