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Did you know that giving employees the freedom to work remotely could improve productivity? At CEO Business Centers, we believe in just that. We want to make sure that your business succeeds by enabling you to focus on what’s really important: increasing productivity. Here are five steps to ensure your virtual office runs smoothly:

1. Take Advantage of the Cloud

The main way, these days, for your business to be successful is by utilizing cloud technology. Storing files to the cloud, sending e-mails and using instant messaging tools are the simplest and most effective way for a virtual office to function.

2. Upgrade Your Technology

In order to keep up and support the latest technology, you must update yours. It’s essential to know how to print from mobile devices to a wireless printer and how to set up a videoconference.

3. Round up a Virtual Team and Office Space

If it’s a bit difficult for you financially to hire a member of support staff, consider hiring a virtual personal assistant. Since they are independent contractors, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits.

4. Remember You may Need Physical Space to Meet

Even though you have a virtual business, it’s still important to keep formal meeting places. There are services you can sign up for that offer a mailing address for your business, a mail forwarding system and meeting rooms available by the hour/half day/day.

5. Let Go

You must trust your virtual employees to choose their own hours!

Forget sourcing and signing a long-term lease on a potentially burdensome office space. Set your business up a virtual office at CEO Business Centers. Many independent business executives on the go don’t require a full-time office, but they do need the administrative support of a traditional office environment. If you’re this kind of professional, a CEO Business Centers Atlanta virtual office is the perfect solution. Options include a professional mailing address, answering service, and even access to a physical office and conference room as needed.

CEO Business Centers is perfect for small businesses, sole proprietors, and startups that need private offices and want to project a professional image to clients and competitors. CEO Business Centers Executive Office Rentals are an inexpensive, efficient solution for people like you who are looking for a virtual office or co-working space in the Atlanta area. Contact us today!

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