6 Ways to Boost Productivity at Work on a Budget

Team exercises and collaborative apps designed to increase boost productivity at work can do a lot for your company, but for these things to be effective, you have to create an office space that keeps employees engaged. Even on a small budget, focusing on a few key elements can transform a dull space into a highly effective work area.

1. Emphasize Flexibility

Flexible offices are becoming more popular as the millennial generation floods the workforce. These younger employees are used to working in unconventional environments and can thrive in a setup that includes a small number of workstations that are shared on a rotating basis. You can save more money by setting up shop in a building that offers communal meeting rooms already outfitted with the necessary amenities.

2. Ensure Comfort

Computer screens and desks at each work station should be positioned in such a way that employees don’t have to hunch or strain while they work. Supportive chairs are also important in preventing back and hip pain. Properly designed office furniture takes these ergonomic considerations into account and is worth investing in no matter what your budget. Add a few standing desks to combat the health problems associated with long periods of sitting.

3. Choose the Right Paint

Changing the color of the walls in your office space is probably the easiest thing you can do to increase engagement and encourage productivity. Avoid deep, dark or bold shades. These make rooms look smaller than they really are and can be distracting. Instead, choose colors such as pale blue to instill a sense of calm or yellow to boost energy. If you want to use a brighter color, incorporate it as an occasional accent instead of the main focus of the palette.

4. Spread the Light

People tend to be more focused and energetic in spaces that offer a lot of natural light. Maximize whatever window space you have with strategically placed mirrors that reflect the sun’s rays back into the room. If you have to use artificial light, avoid overly bright, harsh bulbs. Consider adding therapeutic lamps to work stations during long stretches of dreary weather.

5. Introduce Living Decor

Some studies show that incorporating plants into office decor increases creativity. Many companies that bring plants into an otherwise sparse office area note a marked increase in employee productivity. Brightening up your office space with a little greenery also helps to improve air quality by reducing circulating dust and other contaminants.

6. Keep it Clean

Clutter is the enemy of productivity. Without organized storage and filing, your employees wind up spending more time looking for what they need than actually getting any work done. Have designated spaces for books, manuals and office supplies, and make sure that everything gets put away after use. To minimize mistakes and confusion with paperwork, consider digitizing files that are often accessed and shared.

Providing employees with a comfortable office space that encourages efficiency makes for a happier, more focused workforce. The resulting increase in productivity makes simple upgrades worth the investment.

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