Celebrate the Holidays in your Virtual Office

The holidays are a perfect time for celebration, whether it is for commemorating team accomplishments or taking the time to build relationships for the upcoming year. It’s important that team members of a virtual office celebrate the holidays as much as in-person workgroups so they feel a sense of a shared identity, community and enthusiasm.

Since a virtual office typically consists of team members in remote locations, celebrations happen less frequently. However when they do occur, they are always looked forward to and very much appreciated. At CEO Business Centers, we would like for you to spread the holiday cheer with your team members by providing some festive ideas to incorporate into your virtual office holiday party!

Create Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are a great way to connect with your fellow team members and clients. They are also ideal for building good rapport.

  • Schedule a time to meet and create a card to send to your clients using a clip art background and a picture of the team.
  • For team members, have them put a picture of themselves on a virtual whiteboard and write a little something for the holidays.
  • Find a website with fun, customizable e-cards to send out that include festive, seasonal visuals like dancing elves.

Give out Gift Cards

Gift giving may be a little difficult due to the proximity of the team members and their individuality. We recommend sending out gift cards to appeal to a broad range of interests.

  • Popular types of gift cards to give your virtual team members include local coffee shops, restaurants and retail chains.

Throw a Holiday Party

Throwing a virtual office holiday party is the perfect way to get to know your co-workers in a more intimate setting. This can be accomplished by:

  • Utilizing a web platform to allow streaming of multiple web cameras. This will allow each team member to showcase their home décor.
  • Ask each team member to be prepared to share their favorite holiday recipe and to be ready to discuss a holiday tradition that they find meaningful.
  • Have each team member dress for the holidays and have an outfit contest to reward a winner for their efforts.
  • Ask team members to reflect on a team accomplishment or event that was significant and meaningful to them, or to express gratitude for a co-worker who provided a support during the year.
  • Include some team activities to encourage all team members to get to know each other, such as sharing facts about themselves or looking at pictures of desks to determine who’s the owner.

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