Why Choose a Shared Office Space for Your Business?

When you first start your own business, operating from a practical and cost efficient place like a shared space makes sense. As your company grows in size and becomes more successful, you can graduate to an official headquarters.

In this day and age, searching for a prospective office space can be intimidating and difficult, mainly because of the price. An alternative to claiming an office space as your own is to consider an Atlanta coworking space. This is an unconventional scenario in which multiple companies work together under the same roof for a reduced cost instead of one company paying the full amount of a traditional office lease.

Atlanta coworking spaces aren’t the solution for every business; however, if you don’t mind having neighbors and sharing certain amenities (Wi-Fi, the bathroom, the kitchen etc.) then this is something you need to consider for your business.

Why You Should Consider Atlanta Coworking Spaces

Choosing to operate your business from a shared office space has many benefits, such as that it’s work-ready. There is no need to go through the hassle of negotiating a lease, designing and constructing your layout, purchasing furniture and setting up your equipment. Once you agree to a co-working space, it is available for you to use immediately with complete desk space and access to conference rooms and the Internet.

Another added benefit of Atlanta coworking spaces is that it includes a built-in community. Sharing an office space near Atlanta with other similar-minded small business owners gives you and your employees the opportunity to network and share resources that you would otherwise have to find on your own.

What to Take into Consideration if You Choose a Shared Space

For the most part, the majority of shared office spaces function on the same basic business model; however, there are a few differentiating factors that you will need to consider before signing an agreement.

1.    Location: In terms of location, be sure that the address is somewhere you feel comfortable going to everyday and it is inviting to other professional contacts.

2.    Office Layout: It’s important that you like how the layout looks and that it’s functional for your business since you aren’t able to customize a coworking space.

3.    Pricing Structure and Membership Benefits: Before signing the agreement, pay special attention to the fine print to know exactly what the price of the shared space includes. This will give you a peace of mind that you have eliminated the risk of hidden fees and other extra costs.

4.    Office Mates: In a shared office space scenario, you can’t pick and choose who are going to be your office mates. Before you sign up, find out what other businesses are in the space. These individuals can make all the difference in your everyday work experience.

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