How to Keep Up With a Growing Business in 2016

Heading into 2016 with the need for more office space is a sign that your company is growing, but it also presents some special challenges. Finding the space you need while creating an atmosphere that maximizes productivity is essential to continued success. We have provided you with several ways of how to keep up with a growing business in the new year.

The Burden of Growth

While growth in general is a good thing for your business, the resulting investment in new office space can be expensive and time-consuming. You’re faced with the decision of whether to expand in your current location, which may involve new construction, or to move to a larger building. Regardless of your budget, either option can cause your bottom line to suffer. Construction is distracting and may reduce efficiency, and packing everything up for a move means losing valuable work time. Moving may also lead to loss of customers depending on how big a role location plays in daily operations.

Creating Flexibility

Similar to the way that schools are striving to accommodate the unique learning styles of students through individualized instruction, offices are increasingly being designed to cater to the diverse ways that people work. Some employees do best in a traditional cubicle setting. Others are at their most creative and efficient when lounging on a couch in a space that resembles a café. Designing this kind of dynamic office layout may actually reduce the amount of space that’s required per employee, but you will need to consider the cost of renovations, new furnishings and any other accommodations necessary to make the system work.

Thinking Outside the Cubicle

Technology is the driving force behind many of these new trends in office design, and a time of growth provides the perfect opportunity to take advantage of what they have to offer. In addition to providing different types of spaces for employees to work on their own, it’s smart to consider adding communal space to facilitate collaboration. These interactive areas act as an adjunct to the many apps available to help teams be as efficient as possible when working on projects and may serve to improve creativity by bringing employees outside of a traditional meeting room setting.

Looking to the Future

Whatever approach you decide to take when expanding your office space, make sure that it’s sustainable for the future. Look at your growth projections for the coming year, and consider how much more room you’ll need if business continues to thrive at the current rate. Find office options that can grow with the company, so that you don’t have to disrupt operations to add space or move every few years. Find a landlord who is willing to work with you and provide flexible leasing terms that can be adapted to meet your unique needs.

As technology continues to spur changes in the way that companies approach office space, you’ll find more and more options for expansion. It will become easier to balance employee needs, company culture and daily tasks to create an efficient office setting that promotes future growth.

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