5 Budget-Friendly Tips When Leasing an Office Space

It can be difficult for startups and small companies to afford the professional image provided by an office space. Monthly rent payments add up fast, but it is possible to lease space that gives a great first impression and doesn’t use up your entire budget.

How to Save Money by Leasing an Office Space

1. Never Start Without a Plan:

Every business owner has a specific idea of the perfect office. However, if that’s all you rely on when you go out shopping for office space, you’re likely to wind up with something impractical. Before beginning your search, sit down and write out realistic requirements. Give yourself plenty of time to look around, ask questions and price multiple options. This way, your focus can remain on finding the best deals rather than scrambling to acquire space at the last minute.

2. Get Just Enough Space:

Dreams of future growth can distort your perception of the amount of room your business needs right now. Paying for more space than you require can undermine the very growth you’re hoping to achieve. To estimate how big of an office to rent, consider:

• The size of your current office, if you have one • The amount of dedicated and shared office space you need
• How many mobile or telecommuting employees you have
• Room taken up by office furniture or equipment

If the calculations seem confusing, you can have a consultant perform a space assessment for you.

3. Look for Perks:

“Executive” offices may sound expensive, but renting one of these spaces may actually save you money because all of the utilities, amenities and administrative necessities that are included. Executive suites offer everything from receptionists to high-tech meeting rooms, so you don’t have to invest in anything extra.

4. Know the Lease Terms:

When it seems like you’ve found the perfect office, read all the fine print before signing the lease. Familiarize yourself with the required security deposit, any potential penalties and the rights reserved by the landlord. Understand the renewal options so that you don’t get an unpleasant surprise when the initial lease is up. If everything looks good, you can consider moving forward.

5. Obtain Professional Opinions:

Having the lease looked over by a lawyer helps to ensure that you didn’t miss anything when reading it yourself. It gives you someone to ask about any unclear statements or potential problems. A lawyer can also handle the necessary negotiations regarding pricing and the use of the building. Other concerns may be addressed by a trusted contractor or a tenant broker, including questions about future renovations or expansions. Don’t rely on the opinion of anyone employed by the landlord. Although they may be trustworthy, their ultimate responsibility is to work in the landlord’s best interest.

Keep these principles in mind as your business grows, and apply them every time you need new office space. No matter how big your company gets or how much money you have on hand, you don’t have to pay premium prices to get a high-quality setup.

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