6 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Small Business

This year the trends in marketing strategies to grow your small business focus on helping business owners drive traffic, encourage strong engagement and create an improved customer experience. Does your marketing strategy for the year include these six important trends?

Go Mobile

Mobile has grown enough to prompt Google to announce a plan for splitting its search index into separate desktop and mobile listings. Consumers increasingly prefer mobile devices for searching and shopping, including shopping via apps from their favorite companies. Mobile payment methods are also increasing in popularity as consumers seek faster, more convenient ways to make purchases online and at brick-and-mortar stores.

Bring in a Bot

Chat bots increase onsite engagement by providing answers to common questions and directing consumers to relevant products and services. These interactions reveal what consumers want most from your company and reveal any aspects of the purchasing process causing confusion or frustration. Use this information to track behavior patterns, improve the shopping experience and encourage conversions.

Improve Blog Content

Content marketing through blog posts only works if customers consider your content worth their time. Forget about blogging a certain number of times per week. Focus instead on creating the highest quality content possible, hiring industry experts or knowledgeable guest bloggers as necessary. Young consumers, in particular, are looking for content with a purpose, showing how their purchases support the greater good by helping your company contribute to respected charitable causes.

Pump Up Your Email List

Email lists aren’t just vehicles for sending endless streams of advertisements. Consumers expect to get useful information in their inboxes and will unsubscribe from lists failing to deliver. Balance your marketing messages with helpful content, such as step-by-step guides, seasonal tips or links to your latest blog posts. Include special offers to encourage click-throughs to your website. Providing an initial incentive in the form of a discount or access to exclusive content ensures your list will continue to grow.

Strengthen the Social Media Experience

Content posted on social media should follow the same rules as blogs and emails. Create a plan to deliver a consistent stream of high-quality posts on the social channels where your customers are most active. Pay attention to their reactions, and be active in the conversations they’re having to show you value their input regarding your brand.

Get Visual with Video Marketing

Video content has taken off on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Viewership of videos on Instagram alone grew 40 percent in 2016. Video content across all platforms is predicted to make up 75 percent of mobile data traffic by 2020. Video messages are easier to consume when on the go, and the majority of users say such videos influence their purchasing decisions.

Embracing the most popular small business marketing growth strategies to grow your small business in 2017 can improve your company’s ability to compete and give you an edge over similar businesses. Familiarize yourself with the trends, create strong connections with consumers and focus on providing a memorable experience to make the most of the changing marketing landscape.

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