The Office Expansion Checklist to Accommodate a Growing Staff

The need to hire more staff is a sign that your business is thriving. Providing an appropriate, comfortable working environment supports productivity to ensure continued growth. If you’re ready to expand your office space, this office expansion checklist can help you make the most of your existing location or find a new company headquarters.

1. Check What’s Available

Your landlord may manage other properties that meet your needs for expansion. Talk with him or her to find out what kinds of spaces are available and what amenities are in place. If nothing seems viable, start looking elsewhere in the area. You can check everything from newspapers to Craigslist for listings, or get in touch with property owners whose tenants have recently moved out. You never know what kind of deal might pop up.

2. Look at What You Have

You might not have to find a brand new location if there’s unused space in your current building. Your landlord may be willing to rent out more floors above or below the ones you’re already using, or there may be outbuildings that could be incorporated into your current office setup. Staying where you are saves time and money, since you can continue to work while you get new areas ready.

3. Maximize Existing Space

There’s even a chance you don’t need to expand at all. Every office could use a little “spring cleaning” to get rid of old furniture, equipment, electronics and files. Clearing out what you’re not using can free up a great deal of space for new cubicles or offices. Alternatively, you may wish to adopt an open office plan. Without as many walls to deal with, you can fit more workspace into the same area, which encourages collaboration between employees.

4. Go Sleek and Modern

Whether you stay put or move to a different location, consider upgrading your office furniture to newer, slimmer designs that take up less space. This creates a lighter feeling in the office that promotes employee well-being. If your company uses mobile devices, you can cut down on the number of workstations you need by allowing employees to share space on a rotating basis. This “hot desk” setup takes advantage of the changing work methods used by modern businesses to create the flexible work environments that younger employees prefer.

5. Get Help From the Pros

If you have trouble deciding on the best office setup, get in touch with agents, brokers and designers who have experience working with growing companies. These professionals can help you find the space you need and get it ready as quickly as possible.

Before making the final decision to renovate or expand, meet with your staff and discuss their needs. Look at growth projections for the future to figure out exactly how much space you’ll need, and work with your accountant or financial advisor to draw up a budget. With these factors in mind, you’ll be ready to design the perfect office environment for your growing team.

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