How to Prepare for a Business Meeting

Most entrepreneurs are very experienced with business meetings. Whether seeking investors or courting new clients, meetings with CEOs can potentially make or break your own burgeoning business. Taking the time to properly prepare your presentation/pitch and learning your audience’s background is just good business strategy. At CEO Centers we have offices for rent near Atlanta in Duluth Ga. We are located in an upscale area where business is a pleasure to conduct in one of our virtual or onsite offices.

We understand the importance of maintaining a professional demeanor and making a positive first impression during a meeting. This is why we offer office space for rent near Atlanta, Georgia, allowing entrepreneurs to work from home but still have access to professional office space when needed. Here are some tips on how you can maximize your time with potential investors and/or clients, and better achieve positive results from meetings with CEOs.

1. Good preparation. Have clear objectives and know the audience’s objective—gleaned from background research on him or her.

2. Arrive on time. There is no easier way to create a bad first impression than by making someone wait on you.

3. Take notes during the meeting. Not only do you have a record of what was said or agreed to, but note taking also implies that you are taking the other’s words into serious consideration.

4. Follow up after the meeting. Thank the CEO or department head for their time and include a brief summary of any actions from the meeting (hence the note taking).

5. Be clear and concise. Most likely the person with whom you are meeting is very busy and went out of his or her way to clear time for you. You can demonstrate your appreciation of and respect for this person by sticking to a clear agenda. Don’t ramble or push past the allotted time.

6. Back up your objectives with data. Your goals and concrete statements will be met with greater enthusiasm if you have statistics to back up your claims. Also, your audience is more likely to perceive you as knowledgeable and trustworthy if you can justify the need for your services/products.

7. Close with clear next steps. When you know what’s next – and better yet, when you’re next meeting – neither of you is left wondering about the outcome of the meeting.

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