Small Business Marketing Strategies for the Fall

Small businesses are consistently experimenting with different tools and strategies to maximize their success. This find continues to be true according to a marketing report done by Wasp Barcode Technologies. They compiled data from over 1,000 small business owners, and discovered that there are a few small business marketing strategies that they are willing to invest more in and utilize this fall. We have provided you with a list of these upcoming trends.

Social Media

Social media is still a main focus point for small businesses today, with Facebook being their main social media outlet. According to the Wasp marketing report, 61 percent of brands will continue to fixate on their social media in order to improve their online presence.


Many assume that the use of email has slowly diminished over the years due to newer and more convenient forms of communication. However, this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Forty-six percent of small businesses stated that email marketing remains a strong part of their customer outreach, while more modern communication techniques, such as blogging, web ads and SEO, take up less than 30% of their marketing mix.


Websites have become the face of businesses around the world. In fact, 59 percent of small businesses claim that their website is an extremely important part of their overall business. It’s highly recommended that you pay attention to how you portray your brand online and how others perceive it.

Existing Consumer Base

Focusing on your existing consumer base is the only other thing that is just as important as generating new business. This trend has been found to be a huge opportunity for small business going into the second half of the year. If your small businesses doesn’t have the capital or manpower to focus on generating new business, then we recommend that you concentrate on the consumers you already have and further develop your relationship with them.

Third Party Assistance

It is becoming more and more common for small businesses to take advantage of third parties to help them market their business. These third parties can include freelancers or marketing companies. If your small businesses doesn’t consist of an in-house marketing staff, then this can be a huge opportunity to take part in.

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