How to Overcome Startup Struggles

Small business owners have less resources and capital than their larger counterparts which often means struggles in the startup phase. A successful business cannot be achieved without struggle, which often leads to great success. Below are five tips to help you overcome startup struggles:

Embrace Change

Understand that change can mean opportunity. In a small business, changes can often be threatening to a business model and mean the demise of a plan or a launch. Instead of panicking, view the change as an opportunity, either to grow or pivot your plan.

Focus on the Vision

Even in the face of a challenge, focus on the bigger picture and take calculated risks. Focusing on the vision will empower you to look past the obstacles and remind you of your mission while empowering you to push forward.

Work your Network

Realize that relationships are key to your success. Work your network by reaching out to contacts, family and friends. These people can be an untapped resource for ideas, funds and connections.

Analyze Competitors

Pay attention to competitors in your space by analyzing their business model and using it to your advantage. It doesn’t matter if someone executed your idea first, it matters that you do it best.

Get Creative

Think outside of the box and approach issues unconventionally: have a brainstorming session, solicit ideas, or try to think from another person’s perspective. You never know where your next great idea or solution might come from.

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