5 Easy Workplace Hacks for a Happier Office

Workplace Hacks for A Better Environment

Workplace environments have a strong influence on job satisfaction. A happy office makes for happier workers who are more likely to stay in their jobs, creating the kind of continuity your company needs to succeed. When it comes to attitude and productivity, these five simple workplace hacks can make all the difference for you and your staff.

Be Appreciative

In a poll by cloud service provider Appirio, 60 percent of people looking for a job cited employee appreciation as the most important factor in choosing a workplace, even more than promotions and raises. Employees who feel appreciated are more productive and have a more positive mindset. Take time to send emails expressing thanks or praising individual accomplishments. Spotlight hard workers with recognition at meetings, and show the whole staff you care about the time they put in by treating them to a party, meal or group outing.

Create a Flexible Schedule

In this perpetually connected world, a flexible work schedule is more practical and realistic than ever. Since employees don’t have to be in the office at set times in order to work, the days of the traditional “nine to five” shift are becoming a thing of the past. Embracing this change reduces stress, improves focus and produces a healthy balance between the responsibilities of work and life. Providing multiple shift and remote work options allows employees to meet deadlines without missing important events.

Build a Playful Space

Take a cue from some of the world’s most innovative companies and give your employees the opportunity to unwind a bit on their breaks. Transform the stark employee lunch room into a miniature getaway with comfortable chairs or a couch, a game table or dart board, an upscale coffee maker and interesting artwork. Remind your staff to take their breaks, and make the most of them, instead of working incessantly every day. This workplace hack will not only lead to more productivity but your team will appreciate you as well.

Use An Open Office Plan

Enclosed spaces isolate employees from each other and discourage fruitful collaboration. Physical walls are often mirrored with social isolation, resulting in a disconnected workforce. Consider changing your office to an open plan layout with desks arranged so that staff members can see each other and communicate more easily. Offer “hot desk” workstations to include employees with rotating shifts. Revitalize the spirit of teamwork with a designated area for team discussions. Include a circle of chairs and a whiteboard to facilitate brainstorming.

Prioritize Health

It’s hard to be happy when you’re stuck at a desk all day, watching the sun crawl across the sky outside the window. Options such as standing desks, walking meetings, lunchtime walking clubs and employee gym memberships get staff members up and moving. The resulting boost in energy and mood stays with people when they return to work. Provide access to the best possible benefits packages to show employees you care about their personal health outside the office.

Happiness in the workplace translates to less stress, increased productivity and greater job satisfaction. Give your employees a positive work environment with these workplace hacks, and the entire company will reap the benefits.

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