How to Personalize Your Office Space

Whether it’s in a cubicle, co-working space or a private office, chances are you spend more than a few hours a week at your desk, so take some time to personalize your office space. People can do so many things to make a workspace their own and bring a touch of their personality to the corporate environment. This exercise also has many benefits that include making you feel more connected to your workspace, making you happier at work, and bringing some personal flair that can break the ice and start conversations in an office setting.

Personalize Your Office in 7 Easy Steps:

Deck the Walls: Use Velcro or some other temporary solution to affix decorative paper, fabric, photographic prints or other wall decorations. Aside from your computer, you look at the walls around you most during the day, so make sure it’s something bright, inspiring and pleasant to see. Out with boring shades and in with personality!

  1. Stack ‘Em Up: Book stacks can do a lot. They indicate your interests, they let people know you’re reader and they look pretty cool, too. A few coffee table books, some good novels, even some of your favorite magazines can add a nice touch and help personalize your office space.
  2. Plant a Seed: Want to really liven up your space? Add a touch of real life. Pick up a low-maintenance plant such as bamboo or ivy. Plants have lots of proven health benefits and they create a sense of organic calm in your environment. If your office allows it, you could even add a small fish to your desk!
  3. Share the Memories: While you may not want to cover your desk in selfies or pictures from that wild bachelorette party in Cabo, a few work-appropriate personal pictures are a great way to personalize your office space. They remind you of the people you love and (hopefully) why you work so hard, plus they give people in your professional world have a peek into your personal life. Pictures of your hobbies, family, and travels are always a great way to start a conversation and perhaps even a friendship.
  4. Sittin’ Pretty: Most people in offices spend a lot of time in chairs, so those chairs should be comfortable. Yours should also be distinctly yours! Try adding a decorative fabric covering, or a seat or back pillow, giving your chair both a dash of flavor and an extra bit of support.
  5. Light the Way: Most offices are fluorescent lit, which isn’t always the most pleasant lighting. A decorative lamp can add a real sense of style to your workspace and also provide some better lighting for whatever work you do. Rustic? Try Pier 1. Modern? Head to West Elm or CB2. The great thing about lamps is that there are literally hundreds of different styles to choose from, and they’re relatively inexpensive.
  6. Knickknack Paddywack: Lastly, try adding some odds and ends that interest you, from sentimental pieces to fun little finds. Snow globes, concert tickets, small collectibles, a cool penholder, a tea set – whatever makes you smile J Knickknacks don’t have to mean anything; you just have to like them.

We hope these tips will help you personalize your office space and make work feel more like home. CEO Business Centers is perfect for small businesses, sole proprietors and startups in need of an office space. CEO Business Centers executive office rentals are an inexpensive, efficient solution for people like you who are looking for an affordable office or co-working space in the Atlanta area. Contact us today!


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