How to Maximize Your Creative Brainstorming Time

In an office setting, creativity can sometimes be difficult to maintain. However if you make time for it, creative brainstorming can lead you and your company to success. Creativity is a major spoke in the wheel of business and should therefore be nurtured.

CEO Business Centers has compiled a list of eight ways to maximize your creative brainstorming to help your business grow and prosper.

1. Walk Away

Getting out of the office and embracing a different setting is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. The world has so much creativity to offer you as long as you’re open to it. Take a break from the grind by taking a walk outside or running a quick errand.

2. Wake Up Early

The beginning portion of the workday is always the hardest. From the moment you walk in, you are bombarded with responsibilities. Take the time to wake up earlier than normal to reflect and write down all your creative ideas to give you that extra energy boost for the day ahead.

3. Set Aside an Hour of Your Day

One hour can really make a difference when it comes to creativity. Set aside an hour of your day to do something fun, preferably on a Sunday night, to get you ready for the upcoming week.

4. Schedule a Three-Hour Time Block During the Week

Every week, make it a point to schedule a three-hour time block and stick to it! This will give you more than enough time to take your mind off work and focus solely on developing your creativity.

5. Meet With Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are great sources of inspiration. You can gain insight on different vantage points and really get your wheels turning. This type of inspiration will help you break free of the office environment and get you into your creative zone.

6. Doodle With the Flow

Take out a sheet of paper and draw out all of your ideas for an hour a day or week. Drawing can be used as a tool to find hidden solutions within your subconscious to work-related issues.

7. Collaborate With Your Team Members

Whenever you’re in a creative bind, it could be beneficial to meet with your other team members to come up with some ideas and solutions to the issue you may have.

8. Know Yourself

Creativity is extremely dependent on the person. Some individuals are more creative in the morning and others are more creative at night. Discover your peak creative times by recording them for a week. Once you have established this, make sure to use your creative peaks for strategizing and your low peaks for emails and administrative work.

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